She has a complex personality and a huge desire to make many things happen. EMAA is an artist who lures her listeners into a unique universe with her penetrating voice. In a world divided by musical genres, EMAA manages to be relevant in both the mainstream and the underground. Her collaborations with Deliric & Silent Strike have put her on the map for hip-hop fans, while releases such as 'Immune Soul' and 'The Flyer' have enjoyed national and local radio support. The artist has written music for TV shows such as "Spy Master" and "Hackerville". The artist's special voice has earned her collaborations with some of the country's most acclaimed artists such as Carla's Dreams and The Motans, songs that have spent multiple weeks at the top of the radio charts.

This event is part of the programme "Neverending Timisoara 2023", funded by the Municipality of Timișoara and organised by the Center for Projects Timișoara.