Ștefan Teișanu is a cultural manager, entrepreneur, and co-founder of the organizations Cluj Cultural Center, Fapte and Nord. He is a member of the Economic and Social Council of Romania, representing the cultural sector and civil society, and works with the World Bank as a specialist in participation and local development. He is the executive director of the Cluj Cultural Center, a non-governmental organization focused on culture and sustainable development with 112 members, including cultural organizations and institutions, universities, business and civil society associations, and local and county administration. He founded the Fapte Association, which organizes the Jazz in the Park festival and other cultural events with an impact on the community, and the Nord Association, a community development organization established in Darabani, his hometown in Moldova. He was the president of AIESEC Cluj-Napoca and founded the Cluj branch of Junior Chamber International. His personal creed is that people can be what they want to be.