... as you read these lines, listen to DREAMS, The Cranberries. i'll wait.

nothing stops us from smiling and daydreaming. I was born in Timișoara 45 years ago. in a spring. I left it very rarely, no more than a month. it made me go through all the moods possible, from agony to ecstasy. here I cried, screamed, chanted, fought, loved, cheered, learned to walk, took steps, one after the other, fast forward, stomping steps. many shoes worn out by the weather. at some point, the feelings wore off, I plateaued, I became suspicious, my smile froze.

2023 is a meeting point, for each of us, with ourselves. how we choose to live in this city is reflected in the streets, neighbourhoods, buildings, water, bridges, parks, and most of all in us, the people. we have work to do, we have dancing to do, and Timișoara concerns us all.

thanks to the people who trusted me, who pulled me out of my numbness. it was an honour to represent them.

this city is dying without us. me with you, you with me, her with him, us with you, them with us. never too lonely.

‘oh, my life is changing every day,
in every possible way,
and, oh, my dreams,
it’s never quite as it seems
cause you’re a dream to me,
dream to me.

Dance with me, Timișoara!
Smile to me, Timișoara!
Take my hand as I sink into the dried-up swamps.
Show me that joy and happiness can be found, especially here!

Christine Cizmaș is co-founder of Auăleu, actor, entrepreneur, a free spirit from Timișoara.

She presented with Ioana Bugarin the opening event of the Cultural Capital, Timișoara 2023.

Late this autumn, she conducted, with Iustin Surpănelu, 120 interviews with local people. The film coming soon.

Let's have a nice life in Timișoara! She sure wants it! Do you?