The Sonics are among the first Italian representatives in the world of aerial acrobatic theatre; the company is made up of highly trained gymnasts, dancers and athletes who train hard every day and together create acrobatic choreographies and new aerial evolutions on special and original stage machines of their own invention.

The Sonics adventure started in 2001 from an idea of Alessandro Pietrolini and Ileana Prudente, who are still, respectively, performer, author of the shows and artistic director of the company (Alessandro) and performer, costume designer and choreographer (Ileana). In 2010, the company decided to embark on its first theatrical tour and since then the Sonics have graced the stages of all the most important theatres in Italy. In addition to their theatrical adventure, the Sonics have taken part in major media events such as the Closing Ceremony of the 2006 Turin Olympic Games and the Opening Ceremony of the Kiev Olympic Stadium for the 2012 European Football Championship.