Lukasz Medeksza serves as the Deputy Director of the City Strategy and Development Department at the Municipality of Wrocław since 2019. With expertise in strategic planning, foresight, data analysis, and shaping public policies, Lukasz is a key figure in fostering multi-sector/multi-level cooperation and linking culture with development programs. Lukasz is the co-author of the actual strategy of Wrocław ("Wrocław 2030") and is also responsible for shaping the next strategy of Wrocław ("Wrocław 2050", to be completed in 2024). He supervised the foresight for Wrocław (2022) and is responsible for the annual state of the city reports, which are the basis for the votes of confidence for the Mayor of Wrocław. He is co-responsible for shaping the relations of the Municipality of Wrocław at the metropolitan, regional, national, and European levels. Actively engaged in municipal and metropolitan networks at both national and European levels, Lukasz is a member of the Managing Committee of METREX, a network for European Metropolitan Regions and Areas. He is also the co-author of the Metropolitan Vision for Europe, which is due to be announced by METREX in November 2023.